Kate Beckinsale’s Dazzling Ocean-Themed Outfit Eclipses at DiCaprio’s Birthday Bash, Leaving Attendees Awestruck and Captivated

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Kate Beckinsale's Ocean-Themed Outfit Stuns at DiCaprio's Birthday

What if the Heart of the Ocean didn’t end up at the bottom of the ocean after all? This is a question that apparent Titanic addict Kate Beckinsale dared to ask this weekend when the actor wore the dress fellow of the choker to, where differently, Leonardo DiCaprio’s 49th birthday party.

Beckinsale wore a black velvet bodysuit with a corseted, lace-up back. Her strapless top was stretched with three rows of large rocks, which recalled a  triad of diamond chokers hanging down over her bodysuit. But the real attention theft was the enormous three-dimensional radiant cut sapphire. ( To be fair, it isn’t a perfect replica, as the gravestone in the movie was heart-shaped).

Kate Beckinsale’s Dazzling Ocean-Themed Outfit Eclipses at DiCaprio’s Birthday Bash, Leaving Attendees Awestruck and Captivated

The dummy gravestone was girdled by a halo of further white rocks, which snaked over her hips and around her back. From before, Beckinsale appeared to offer her take on the pantless trend, wearing a brace of sheer black socks under her bodysuit.

She also chose minimal accessories for her formerly bold look. Beckinsale wore a brace of black stiletto heels with a towering lucite platform, which she paired with round lucite lavalieres on each wrist.

And when it comes to gems,  further is more she wore a brace of swinging chased earrings and carried a black bag with a bedazzled trim. Because it’s a birthday party, after all, she fixed a large black arc to her high ponytail.

We wonder how Leonardo DiCaprio felt to be reunited with the long-lost Heart of the Ocean after all these times.

Kate Beckinsale's Dazzling Ocean-Themed Outfit Eclipses at DiCaprio's Birthday Bash, Leaving Attendees Awestruck and Captivated

Inspired by flicks similar to “ Valley of the Dolls ” and the jewelry worn by stars like Elizabeth Taylor, the collection — by developer Phillipe Blond and creative director David Blond was a buoyant, sissy festivity of Hollywood glamour, bursting with sculptural corsets, velvet gowns and bejeweled party dresses that included large rock motifs.

For her night out, Beckinsale paired the ultra-mini with black tights — a near durability of the pantsless trend, as the runway interpretation of her look was presented slightly shorter as a top — sky-high reflective platform heels and a big black hair arc.

Harper’s Bazaar reports that Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian, Zoë Kravitz, and Channing Tatum were among the other guests at the Beverly Hills celebration.

But no bone differently sounded to celebrate the occasion with such a sharp sartorial easter egg, leaving Beckinsale’s look a glowing palm for the night.

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