Ravens vs. Bengals Thursday Night Showdown: NFL Betting Odds and Dynamic Tips for an Electrifying Spectacle

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Ravens vs. Bengals Thursday Night Thriller: NFL Betting Odds and Tips

Ravens vs. Bengals:

Fulghum, It factors into my confidence in the Ravens-3.5:Had Baltimore not fully blown its Week 10 game at home to Cleveland, I suppose there would be an increased chance of that kind of letdown.

The fact so numerous of their miscalculations allowed the Browns back into that game will yield a sharper focus for this tourney. They’ll be at home while the Cincinnati will be traveling on short rests. Cincinnati’s passing game will still be without wide receiver Tee Higgins.

I anticipate this to be a delicate spot for the callers. 

Moody: It does factor into how I am playing this game (Cincinnatis 3.5). With a loss to the Ravens, the Cincinnati are not out of playoff contention, but the effects get delicate.

Cincinnati is a platoon hopeless for a palm, and more importantly, hopeless for a palm against an AFC opponent. We should see that despair on full display.

Including the playoffs, the Cincinnati are 15- 5 against the spread in their once 20 games as killers. Burrow &Co. should keep this game close. 

Schatz: I am not really factoring in last week’s crushing losses into how I clog this game.

Some players will have a leftover from similar losses. Some players will overcome that and play indeed better to try to make up for the losses.

I suppose those of us who estimate the NFL from the outside have no idea which players are which and should not be trying to psychoanalyze the players to figure that out.

So what matters to me is that the Ravens have been the stylish platoon in the NFL on a play-by-play basis according to DVOA and there is no substantiation that their obnoxious struggles in the fourth quarter have any prophetic value as opposed to their obnoxious success overall.

I suppose missing LT Ronnie Stanley balances out the Cincinnatis missing Higgins, but despite that fact and indeed after confirming our conditions for the fact that Burrow is healthy, I still favor Ravens-3.5.

"Thursday Night Thriller: Unveiling NFL Betting Odds, Expert Picks, and Winning Tips for Ravens vs. Bengals Showdown"

Is Ravens' Defense the Most Stylish in NFL? Can Bengals Move the Ball?

Fulghum: The Ravens do have a great defense, but I do not suppose it’s literal by any measure. The Cincinnatisstill have enough gifts. and Joe Burrow. They’ll make a lot of plays. 

Moody: The Ravens lead the league with 39 sacks, have indented 15 takeaways, and rank second in total opponent yards per game.

I agree with Tyler that this defense is not the 1985 Bears, I’ve confidence that Burrow and the Cincinnati’ offense will find a weakness to exploit. This game has too important at stake for Cincinnati not to find a way to move the football just like the Cleveland Browns last week.

Walder: They presently rank fourth in EPA per play since 2013, so I suppose the answer is yes: they’re on pace to be one of the most stylish defenses in a long time.

No matter the designation, this is a legitimately great unit and a ton of credit goes to protective fellow Mike Macdonald for using dissembled pressures to get the most out of this defense.

On the aft end they have been excellent too they rank second-stylish behind only the spurts in protective open score.

Schatz: Whether the Ravens have one of the most stylish defenses in a long time depends on how numerous defenses you’re counting among” the stylish defenses.”

Their current protective DVOA of 25.9 is good enough to lead the league in an average time if there was not a platoon doing what the Browns are doing right now.

( I will point out then that the Ravens do better in DVOA than EPA per play because of opponent adaptations.) That being said, the Browns game did show holes in the armor.

They’re down to just ninth against rushing, for illustration. They rank only 18th in DVOA against opposing No.1 receivers, so Ja’Marr Chase might be suitable to get his yards.

The Cincinnatis will move the ball some, but I doubt they’ll score a ton of points. In fact, with the Bengals’ defense also perfecting in recent weeks, I like under 45.5 in this game.

Ravens vs. Bengals Thursday Night Showdown: NFL Betting Odds and Dynamic Tips for an Electrifying Spectacle

Cincinnati's Elite Pass-Rusher: Impact on Lamar Jackson and Ravens' Offense

Fulghum: This is yet another problem facing the Cincinnatis. The pass rush has been somewhat compromised. DE Sam Hubbard( ankle) is formerly OUT for the game and DE Trey Hendrickson( knee) is QUESTIONABLE at stylish.

That is an issue. Especially after the letdown last week against Cleveland, I completely anticipate Lamar to make amends.

Schatz: I do not know if the Cincinnatis really have one of the top pass rushes in the NFL. They rank 11th in acclimated sack rate and 20th in Pass Rush Win Rate. They’ve injuries, as Trevor points out.

also again, the Ravens have injuries on the obnoxious line, with Ronnie Stanley declared out. I am sure the Bengals will get their share of pressure against Jackson but he has handled that fine this season so far.

What is your favorite mount in this game? 

Fulghum: Mark Andrews Anytime TD(+ 155). The Cincinnatis have plodded defending the TE this season.

They are 31st in fantasy points allowed to the position. Andrews hit them for 5/45/1 on eight targets in their Week 2 tourney. Coming off a disappointing performance in the loss to the Browns, do not be surprised to see Andrews targeted beforehand and frequently.

Moody: Mark Andrews over55.5 entering yards. All season long, the Cincinnatis’ defense has been a favorable tourney for tight ends. Over the once three games, Cincinnati has faced Dalton Schultz, Dalton Kincaid, and George Kittle. This group has equaled 100.3 entering yards per game against the Cincinnatis.

Andrews has equaled 6.5 targets this season. Since 2021, he has equaled 76.8 entering yards per game against the Cincinnatis.

Walder: Patrick Queen over 7.5 tackles + assists (- 114). Queen has gone over this line in seven of 10 games this season, and my model forecasts him for 8.5 tackles and assists on Thursday.

Though it would be better for Queen’s attack total if the Ravens do not get out to a lead, He actually records the same attack split on pass plays as he does on run plays, so when Joe Burrow takes a shot, he’s still able to record tackles. 

Ravens vs. Bengals Thursday Night Showdown: NFL Betting Odds and Dynamic Tips for an Electrifying Spectacle

Is there anything different you're playing on Thursday?

Moody: Joe Burrow over 24.5 completions. The Bengals will heavily calculate on Burrow, and with the Ravens allowing a normal of 22.2 completions, he has a high bottom.

This season, Burrow boasts a 67-completion rate, comprising 38.6 pass attempts and 26.0 completions per game. Defensively, the Ravens end to maintain two deep guards to neutralize the Bengals’ perpendicular end game while employing varied contents. It’s doubtful that Baltimore will heavily blitz, concluding rather than press Burrow into using the short to intermediate end game.

So, I believe he is going to have a lot of completions in this game, which leads to another laying recommendation.

Moody: Joe Mixon has over 20.5 entering yards. Mixon had five targets and four receptions for 36 entering yards against the Ravens in Week 2.

He is well-deposed to deliver an analogous performance. Since 2021, Mixon has equaled 41.5 entering yards when targeted five or more times since 2021.

Walder: Lamar Jackson over 17.5 completions(- 134). I am sort of shocked because my completions model generally ends up veritably near the line, but I am all the way at 21.8 completions for Jackson on Thursday.

One factor driving that Jackson’s completion chance is over 70, way over from 62 last season. In a new offense and playing with better receivers, I am inclined to trust that this is a real change we should be buying.

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